Project events

/ AESOP annual Congress 2018 in Göteberg

On 10th-14th of June 2018, Ammalia Podlaszewska one of the co-leader of the project SiD P2P, presented her paper entitled ''Making the horizontal planning great again'' in the AESOP annual Congress 2018 in Göteberg.

She focused on the topic of grassroots initiative and their role in the co-production of space.
The Congress was attended by more than 1000 attendances and was an event of opportunity for scholars from Europe and from around the world to contribute in exchanging experiences, ideas and knowledge regarding planning in the 21th century: Making Space for hope.''
/ 'Your Water' Festival

'Your Water' Festival took place in St. Petersburg on July 29th, 2017. The festival aims to reconsider the attitude to water and coastal areas as well as to introduce people to water communities of St. Petersburg:,

The initiators of the Festival and the invited participants have suggested to treat water as an underused urban resource that demands careful and thoughtful attitude from the citizens.

The project Stadt im Dialog-2: Dialog at Water took part in the organization of informal public lectures at the festival. The participants of the Dialog at Water shared their ideas about P2P and their impressions from the journey to Germany. They also told about their own activities related to water issues and the development of waterfront in Russian cities. The lectures were given by Oleg Pachenkov, Daniiar Iusupov, Victoria Chufarova, Olga Polyakova, Olga Pridorogina, Alexandra Katasonova (Ufa), Vladislav Dreko (Arkhangelsk), Polina Karakulina, Yulia Faizrakhmanova.

Other participants of the project: Petrovsky rowing marathon, the educational project Trava, the active leisure tour operator AhtiLahti', the SUP school Beaversand the surf station SUPSPOT, the compact boats project Walkraft, the wakesurf club Funkywake, the FlyJet flyboard station , the ARTS4CITY project, the initiative project The Right to Water, the Shtandartcaptain's gigs , the 60ºN Sailing Expeditions Club, St. Petersburg International Yacht School, the artist Vladimir Abykh and others.

As estimated by the organizers, the audience of the festival amounted to 1,000 people.
/ The presentation at the Ministry of Natural Resources and the Environment of the Russian Federation

On Thursday August 12th, 2017, Olga Pridorogina, a participant of the project Dialog at Water, took part in the validation session of the working group on efficient usage and development of water resources and coastal areas of the Russian Federation. The session took place at the Ministry of Natural Resources and the Environment of the Russian Federation.

The meeting was attended by the Director of the Department of State Policy and Regulation in the Field of Water Resources and Hydrometeorology (Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment) Dmitry Kirillov, who was also the chairman of the working group. Also present were representatives of the Ministry of Emergency Situations, the Federal Agency of Water Resources, the Ministry of Transport and the Ministry of Economic Development.

Olga Pridorogina gave a presentation titled German Experience of Using and Developing Coastal Areas: Challenges, Civil Activism and Results. During the presentation, she also told about the project Stadt im Dialog, on the cases that the participants had learned about in Germany and the tendencies in civil movements around water resources.
/ Living Streets Festival

The project Dialog at Water project became a partner of the Alternative Education Zoneat the city festival Living Streets, which took place in St. Petersburg on August 20th, 2017.

The Alternative Education Zone is an open educational platform that works on the P2P principle. Here, anyone can give a small lecture, hold a small round table, make a performance or share their own ideas in any form. The speakers at the 2017 festival were invited experts, participants, attendants as well as innocent bystanders.
/ The Waterfront project at Sevcable

The urban, art and ecological public project Waterfronttook place on Vasilyevsky island on September 21–26, 2017.

The project also involved a two-day discussion within the program of the 10thSt. Petersburg International Innovation Forum. The discussion united urban experts, developers, and architects both from Russian and Nordic countries (Norway, Finland, Denmark, Sweden) who shared their experiences of coastal area development. Civil activists and researchers from the community The Right to Water, the project Park on the Smolenka, the park Vzmorye[Seashore] and the residents of the Baltic Pearlhousing complex made requests and proposals to develop the territories. The Stadt im Dialog-2: Dialog at Waterproject-team had an opportunity to present the results of their workshop in St. Petersburg.

The presentations were made by Oleg Pachenkov, Olga Pridorogina, Victoria Chufarova and Polina Karakulina. Daniiar Iusupov served as an expert on the development of waterfront territories.

Event organizers: Street Art Institute ( and Danish Cultural Institute.

The discussion was organized in cooperation with the Committee for External Relations of Saint Petersburg and the Consulates General of Nordic countries.
/ The article by Nikita Afanasyev

Nikita Afanasyev, a German journalist, took part in the workshop of the project Dialog at Water: P2P education. He met with our participants and wrote an article about Kanonersky Island and political activism based on the outcomes of the project. Nikita writes in German. To read his publications in German, just google "Nik Afanasjew" or watch his public talk on Realsatire Reporter Slam.

In November 2017, Olga Polyakova, a participant of Dialog at Water: P2P educationand the founder of the public eductional project 'Trava' invited Nikita to deliver a lecture on journalism in times of paranoia at an event of 'Trava'.

At the meeting, the participants discussed the conflict between the East and the West, the way the media and the civil community function in Germany, the freedom of speech, the elections in Germany, the G20 policy and other issues.